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“Latins are tenderly enthusiastic. In Brazil, they throw flowers at you. In Argentina, they throw themselves." -- Marlene Dietrich

Shameful plugs

After writing that title, I realized how lucky I am that I will never go bald. And don’t ask me if my mom’s dad was bald (he was) because that myth has been debunked.

No, the shameful plugs of which I speak are some new blogs I think you should read, or at least click on so their Sitemeters give them the perception that Arjewtino is popular.

Penitent Yanks

A few of my friends have gone off the deep end and decided to enter the Plymouth to Banjul Challenge, a race of sorts developed by an Englishman who wanted to create a poor man's Paris to Dakar rally. Their team, the Penitent Yanks (their entry essay was about how Americans broke away from the colonies over 200 years ago and now, after six years of Bush, we want to go back), bought a crappy school bus and will travel 4,000 miles across Europe and Africa starting in late January.

Their trip is fraught with peril. Already, the bus broke down 50 miles after they bought it.

Part of the reason for entering this challenge, Tits McGee of Penitent Yanks told me, is the adventure. They’ll be traveling through the Chunnel, Paris to Madrid, to Gibraltar, over to Morocco, through the Western Sahara (including four days straight in the Sahara, no food/water/fuel) into Senegal and Gambia. They get back to the US late February.

In addition, they are trying to raise money for several charities before they leave. They will be filming the trip and then auctioning off the bus as well.

They will also be having a fundraiser tomorrow night at the Duplex Diner on 18th and U Sts. in Adams Morgan, starting at 7:30. The bus will (hopefully) be parked outside of the diner during the event.

So to all bloggers, non-bloggers, readers, and friends: join me and the Penitent Yanks tomorrow night You will have the opportunity to add your signature to the interior of the bus and pretend you're driving it while someone takes your picture.

A Portable Snack

Only five days into my friend KWest’s venture as a DC blogger and already he’s getting some good exposure on A Portable Snack. He wrote a piece on street cleaning in the District, a blog post which DC Blogs cited today on its front page.

You may think this is beginner’s luck, but KWest has a history of early blogging success. He guest-blogged for me in August and the post was picked up by Wonkette. When I noticed my site traffic spike because of it, I congratulated him, to which he responded:

“That’s great! Who’s Wonkette?”

Japan Like Me

I really shouldn’t advertise my friend Smats’ new blog since the Canadian-blogger-cum-Tokyo-resident hasn’t been updating it regularly. This is truly a shame since Smats, a good friend of The Princess’, is one of the funniest Canadians I know.

Pester her until she starts posting again.
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