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“Latins are tenderly enthusiastic. In Brazil, they throw flowers at you. In Argentina, they throw themselves." -- Marlene Dietrich

Is There Such a Thing as Too Competitive?

A few items to update readers on, each one too small to discuss at length but noteworthy enough to mention:

(1) Instead of using real names, I'm going to use nicknames for friends and family so as to protect your anonymity. If you have one you'd like me to use for you, e-mail me. Otherwise I choose them.

(2) Saw Superman Returns last night with Baby Bien. Here's a tip: don't drink two beers before sitting down for this marathon of a flick. I don't care how strong you think your bladder is, you'll need to get up for a break. Second tip: use the scene when Superman and Lois are talking about their feelings to make a bathroom run. Don't worry, all you'll miss is a lot of sappy moments that would make a Meg Ryan movie look substantive.

(3) My kickball team is in the final four tonight; if we win the first game, we play for the championship. It may "only" be kickball and it may not matter, but any event involving a winner and loser seems to bring out my competitive side, so I really want this.

(4) Blue went "all the way to the Hamptons" this past weekend, where he and Berkie took a break from city living to frolic in the ocean. Too bad Blue's got the coordination of a tetherball pole because his leg bent the wrong way while trying to carry his woman into the water and a wave crashed his shins. A visit to the hospital and he may have an ACL tear; My first thought, though, was, "Hmm, a Hamptons hospital. Were there any patients there who weren't white?" Blue says no.
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