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“Latins are tenderly enthusiastic. In Brazil, they throw flowers at you. In Argentina, they throw themselves." -- Marlene Dietrich

Blogger groupies and the bloggers who love them

I have my first blopie.

Arjewtino Note: Though many bloggers write about their own blog in a solipsistic, self-referential way, I try to avoid writing about my own because it makes for such self-indulgent postings. But today I’ll make an exception.

During last night’s kickball revelry at the bar, during our flip cup slaughter of the Red Team (I don’t remember team names, I remember colors, sorry), this girl Tron came up to me while I stood on a chair for a better view of the flip cup action and asked me, “Are you Arjewtino?” I had a fraction of a second to process whether I was being set up for blog ridicule and answered, “Um, yeah…”, demurely.

“Oh my god!” she said. “I love your blog!”
“Really?” I replied.
“Yeah, I love The Princess! And I read Shiftless Badger all the time.”
“Do you want to meet him?”

I yelled for SB, who was engrossed in either watching flip cup or scanning the room for hot guys, and pointed him out to Tron. She screamed and ran over to talk to him.

Later on that night, Tron came up to SB and me and talked about our blogs some more, even recalling a previous post I wrote about the new rules I learned from moving in with The Princess. She agreed with my newfound wisdom that, no, watching TV with your girlfriend does NOT count as “quality time”, as I had learned, and reminds her boyfriend of that fact constantly. At least that’s what I think she said since I was pretty inebriated after my team got five free pitchers of beer for reffing yesterday’s games.

On the walk to the Union Station Metro later that night, I told SB, “Dude. We have a blopie; a blog groupie.” “I know,” he said, “how funny is that?”

I’m pretty sure this places us into C-list blog celebrity status. Of course, this kind of attention IS self-indulgent and ridiculously ego-boosting in a nerdy kind of way. It reminds me of the satirical Craigslist posting in which someone was applying to be someone’s blopie. The “ad” is hysterical and mocks bloggers’ collective need for attention and acceptance:

Seeking Mediocre Blogger with 200+* Readership

Reply to:
Date: 2005-02-24, 10:39PM EST
avid blog reader looking for blogger to worship.
at first i will read your blog daily, refreshing every hour or so. i will be sure to read all your friends' blogs and any links you may refer to. yes, even those in the margin.
i will then look you up on friendster and request that you become my friend. i will also be sure to click on all your friends' profiles to be sure all of them are either gay or involved and won't be an impediment to our budding relationship. i will then attend any and all rock shows/readings/comedy shows/cook-offs/scrabble-offs that you recommend and/or will be participating in.
i will ignore your incessant need to be admired and your neurotic self-obsession because in the world wide web you're a C grade celebrity and i hope to ride on your coattails happily ever after.
call me. or better yet, blog me. your flickr profile gets mine!

* = that's unique hits, not page views ;-)
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